Sunday, November 10, 2013

Muzzle flash testing

      Shooting at night (where legal) is awesome fun and something everyone who owns a gun for self defense should do.  Statistics show that the majority of self defense cases occur at night or in other low light environments.  Besides learning the proper use of weapon mounted and/or hand held lights there is something often overlooked...the muzzle flash levels of ammunition.  Many self defense rounds are made using low flash propellants however not all are created equal.  A blinding flash is the last variable you need to be adding to
an already stressful and difficult situation.  Below you will find pictures of muzzle flash tests I have conducted, as you will see there is quite a difference between the good and bad performers.  The ones without a model number was ammo donated by a good friend and I didn't have the original box. Enjoy!

Note:  Please make sure to do this safely, I pick shooting spots that are out of the way and have a substantial backdrop right up against it so there is no chance someone could walk between me and where the bullet is going.  I also get there before dark to set up and check the surroundings.  I bring a super bright spot light as well as multiple handheld lights.  Check your local laws and if in doubt DON'T SHOOT!

9mm Luger  (Glock 17 and Kahr PM9 used to show differences, if any, in the different barrel lengths)

Glock 17 9mm Winchester NATO 124 gr (Q4318)

Glock 17 Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ RN (WM5199)

Glock 17 9mm Corbon DPX 115gr +P Thunder Ranch (TR09115/20)

Glock 17 9mm Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ (AE9DP100)

Glock 17 9mm 124gr Federal HST +P (P9HST3)

Glock 17 9mm Copper Star Shooting Range (huge indoor range in Camp Verde, AZ) 115gr lead RN reloads

Glock 17 9mm 135gr Federal Hydra-Shok

Glock 17 9mm 124gr Hornady TAP

Glock 17 9mm 115gr Remington HP (cheaper white box stuff)

Karh PM9 9mm Federal 9mm115gr FMJ RN (WM5199)

Kahr PM9 Cor Bon DPX 115gr +P Thunder Ranch (TR09115/20)

Kahr PM9 9mm Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ (AE9DP100)

Kahr PM9 9mm 124gr +P Federal HST (P9HST3)

Kahr PM9 9mm 115gr Copper Star Shooting Range lead RN reloads

Kahr PM9 9mm 135gr Federal Hydra-Shok

Kahr PM9 9mm 124gr Hornady TAP

Kahr PM9 9mm 115gr Remington JHP (cheaper white box)

45 ACP  (1911 full size)

1911 45ACP Winchester 230gr FMJ white box (Q4170)

1911 45ACP Remington Golden Saber 185gr brass JHP (GS45APA)

1911 45ACP Cor Bon DPX 185gr +P (DPX45185/20)

223 Remington  (M4 16" barrel with A2 flash superbly)

M4 223 Remington,  Wolf WPA 55gr FMJ steel cased

M4,  Federal 556 62gr OTM (T556TNB1)

M4 223 Remingotn 55gr UMC MC (L223R3)

     I hope you found this post useful and that you will add this to your list of considerations when choosing a defense load for your particular carry gun.